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Illinois River and Inland Ports

The Illinois River accounts for 273 miles of the 327 miles of the “Illinois Waterway” that connects Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River.


Name: Shipyard Terminal & Industrial Park, Inc.

Products Handled: Salt, Coal, Grain Products, Dry Fertilizer, Steel, Dry and Packaged Goods

Storage: Open – 100 acres; Covered Dry Bulk – 65,000 tons

Handling Facilities: Cranes to 100 tons; Bucket – 4 yd.; Inbound – 400 tph.; Outbound – 1,100 tph.

Barges Handled: 3 worked, 2 held handling facilities

Operations: 6 days a week, 10 hours a day

Connections: CSX; Switchboats available.


521 N Lock Rd.
Morris, IL 60450
Phone: 815/942-0840
Fax: 815/942-4217

River Mile 271.5
Illinois River
2 miles NW Dresden Nuclear Power Plant

Tonnage Locked through:
Annual Tonnage for 2017
16.3 million tons commodity including:

• 854 thousand tons of farm products
• 2.9 million tons of manufactured goods
• 4 million tons of Petroleum products
• 3 million tons of chemicals


The Seneca Port District offers cost efficient and safe handling of freight on the property.

Marine: Located in the Shipyard Industrial Park is L.S.T., a river terminal that has the ability and equipment to serve a variety of marine related needs which include the following:

• Crane lifting to 200 tons
• Bulk barge unloading to truck or rail at 250 ton an hour
• Barge loading from rail or truck at 800 ton an hour
• Rail to truck transfer equipment
• Unit train capacity
• 12000 linear feet of rail on the property
• 750 feet of concrete dock with two mooring cells
• 2 hydraulic cranes for unloading barges
• 7 various size front loaders
• 100,000 lb truck scale
• Heavy-Duty fork lifts

All major land barge carriers and major trucking companies are served by the Port District. CSX Rail Road serves tenants of the district.