Industry Clusters


Grundy County possesses a heavy concentration of jobs in the utility/energy sector with 18 times the average employment for similar markets

Grundy County offers a competitive advantage when it comes to energy with a portfolio of existing industry that includes Exelon, Aux Sable Liquid Products, Renewable Energy Group, and Horizon Wind Energy, coupled with a labor force well trained to support it. As of 2020, 7% of the total jobs in Grundy County were in the utility sector, and Grundy has a concentration of utility workers that is 18 times that of the nation. Grundy is also well positioned for future growth in the energy sector with assets that include nuclear generation facilities, a network of natural gas pipelines including the terminus of the Alliance Pipeline, renewable wind assets, and an impressive power distribution network, including one of four 765kV power lines in the United States.


Over 10 million square feet of industrial/logistics space

Grundy County is positioned well for growth in the transportation and logistics industry, offering thousands of acres of industrial zoned property with excellent access to infrastructure. Located less than ten miles from the world’s largest inland port; Grundy County offers solutions in supply chain management with competitive land prices, greenfield sites at interchanges along I-80 & I-55, and access to 4 Class I railways, river ports and a Class B airport outside of O’Hare’s terminal control area. Join other Fortune 500 companies which include: Aldi, BMW, Grainger, Kellogg, Mondelez, and Trader Joe’s.



The concentration of chemical manufacturing jobs in Grundy County is 7 times higher than the state or nation

Home to several manufacturers including Nouryon, LyondellBasell and Reichhold, Grundy County offers a highly skilled, experienced, and available workforce in manufacturing with an emphasis in chemical processing. Boasting the highest average salary of any industry at $130,325, manufacturing jobs in Grundy County can also be found at industry leaders like Chicago Aerosol, Metalstamp, and Northfield Block. To build upon this sector’s success, Grundy County established an Economic Development Project Area (EDPA) which provides competitive incentives to attract new users and encourage expansion opportunities in the region.

Nikki Wills - Metalstamp (2)
Nikki Wills - Morris Hospital main entrance-3


Health Care sector doubles in last ten years in Grundy County with growth expected to continue faster than the state and nation

Strong population growth over the last 20 years has led to increasing demand for health care in Grundy County and the surrounding areas. Growth in the health care industry has centered not only on Morris Hospital – our largest employer – but in a variety of specialties and care facilities throughout the county. 19% health care sector growth is expected between 2019 and 2026.

The GEDC and the Grundy County Chamber are seeking proposals for an Economic Diversification and Resiliency Plan for Grundy County. To learn more and to view the full RFP, click here. Submissions accepted via email until February 9, 2024 at 4 PM.