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Tim Erway

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6440 E Collins Road, Morris. IL 60450

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Aeropres Corporation is a manufacturer and distributer or high-purity gases to a wide variety of markets. While the aerosol industry is the mainstay of the Aeropres product line, the company also provides high-purity gases for other applications including natural refrigerants and other working fluid applications, foam expansion agents, and for various uses across the chemical industry. From natural gas liquids, Aeropres is the largest manufacturer and marketer of ecologically safe propellants, which are used in a variety of spray cans from hair spray and mousses to shaving cream and spray paint. The company also produces NGLs to the polymer and plastic foam blowing industries. These high purity products include propane, normal butane, isopentane, and normal pentane, D152a (Difluoroethane), and DME, singly or in any blend combination.